Innovation, Research & Development

16 European patents and 6,700 new projects over the last 11 years: these are the figures about innovation in Atlantic Fluid Tech, where each year a 10% share is invested in product and production process.

Innovative systems and methods guarantee a top level engineering service: MTTF / MTTFd / β10 certificates, work stations equipped with CFD and FEM simulation systems and a CRM software to plan and keep new products development process under control.

In our metrological labs dimensional checks are carried out on all products in compliance with our Quality Management System, using both traditional instruments and state-of-the-art technology machines to control roundness and concentricity with a 0,1 micron precision.

We also use electronic microscopes and endoscopes, machinery for manifold finishing check, dynamometric presses to control springs, solenoid valves and proportional cartridges pulling/pushing force, equipment to check sharpness and profile of the drilling tools.

During production cycle, after assemblying all products are 100% hydraulically tested.

All testing rigs are computer-assisted and contamination monitoring takes place in real time at regular intervals of one minute. Leakage tests are carried out both hydraulically and with computerized pneumatic equipment.

In our R&D lab two testing benches work at an overall flow rate of 600 l/min and a pressure of 550 bar, both connected to a data acquisition software.

Here endurance test equipment up to 700 bar and burst test rigs up to 1850 bar are also used.

Our team of 20 engineers, CAD designers and technical sales managers are focused on a tailor-made engineering and technical support to meet our customers’ requests.

We listen to their challenging inquiries and we work to find the right ad-hoc technical solutions.

We build 5 mock-ups a week and our highly-computerized management system allows us to smoothly manage the relevant data and material flow.

Our over 40 years experience in the field does the rest.

We strongly believe in co-operation between Industry and University. This has allowed us to optimize and fine-tune some of our most recent industrial patents. We have also sponsored for some years the Fluidpower Master by Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia for the postgraduate specialist program in Hydraulics.

Investing in education means innovating indeed.