Company Certificates

Our commitment in Atlantic Fluid Tech is to our customers, our employees and the environment.

That’s why since 2008 the company started an important Certification process to improve and keep monitored its Management System, aiming at the highest and most challenging Quality Standards.

In August 2008, we obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.

This was the first outcome of the company’s responsibility policy to improve effectiveness and performance in its internal processes and provide the customer with a high-quality product supported by a premium tailor-made engineering and technical service. Final goal is to increase customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 Certification


Our desire to improve went on and in May 2015, we got the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification.

A precise company policy was defined to commit to a reduction of environmental impact in its activities and to spread sustainability principles in its organisation. Final goal is to develop production processes in a sustainable way, retaining the utmost respect for environmental compatibility according to a continuous improvement model. This will involve all design and industrialisation processes, too, as an essential part of production.

Herewith attached a declaration of commitment to minimize environmental impact on products, issued by Atlantic Fluid Tech.

 ISO 14001 Certification


In July 2020, 6 months ahead of certificate expiration, Atlantic Fluid Tech decided to speed up and move from OHSAS 18001 to the new UNI ISO 45001, the first International Standard for Workplace Health and Safety.

 ISO 45001 Certification


These achievements testify to the company’s commitment to build a business model combining technological innovation with respect of its human resources.

And looking to the future, we know that our seriousness and sense of responsability will lead us to improve further and steadily work to reach our goals and set ever challenging new ones.