Increasing talent thanks to professional courses: Academy Academy opens its doors

In its ongoing quest for excellence, Atlantic Fluid Tech has taken an important step forward with Atlantic Academy: an institution that embodies commitment to professional training.
With courses designed for individuals, companies and job agencies dedicated to mechanical assembly, testing, CNC machines operation  and technical drawing, Atlantic Academy arise from the need to train qualified personnel within the sector and to shorten the distance between theory and practice in a “school-work” perspective.

Job training: a whole new standard

Professional courses do not always give you the right tools to enter the world of work with a full awareness of the role you will actually have to play within the company, that’s why our first goal was to provide these tools. 

Qualified and trained teachers, with years of theoretical and practical experience in the sector, latest-generation machinery, focus on topics such as soft skills and workplace safety… From the classroom to the workshop, the step must be as short as possible.

Atlantic Academy: the inauguration

Saturday, September 16 2023, more than a year after the start of the courses, we will officially open the doors of Academy for its inauguration.
We have seen the reality grow and bring incredible results in a particularly short time-span: from the start of the first course, in March 2022, to today, Academy realized 23 courses, for a total of 268 students, of which 75 hired directly from the Atlantic group. 

Positive data both for the sector and for the people themselves, many of them without any previous experience in the hydraulic or mechanical sector.

The event will be attended by institutional figures such as the President of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini and representatives of the municipal administrations of Castelfranco Emilia, San Cesario sul Panaro and Nonantola, as well as players of Modena Volley, a team Atlantic has been sponsoring for years. 

An amazing support, that we recognize and appreciate, and that adds to a great point of value for us: the success achieved by the many students who put themselves at stake, betting on their future and winning the most important challenge, the one with themselves.