Atlantic Fluid Tech: a promise, a mission of sustainability

The Christmas holidays and the end of the year brings awareness of what has been accomplished and what we can still achieve.

If Atlantic Fluid Tech has grown despite the challenges and obstacles encountered, it is thanks in large part to a team that has committed day after day to improve and better themselves.

To all members of the Atlantic group, we have decided to give a special gift: a Doctors Without Borders water bottle.


A gift for everyone

This gesture has a double meaning for us: on one hand, supporting the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders, which has always worked tirelessly to save lives and provide healthcare to all, especially in countries in emergency situations.

On the other hand, it represents a concrete commitment to sustainability in the workplace.

We are well aware of how the company’s impact affects the health of our planet, which is why we are continuing on a virtuous path to minimize our impact as much as possible.

In addition to the water bottles, with the consequent elimination of the use of plastic bottles within offices and facilities (in Italy, approximately 17 billion disposable plastic bottles are consumed each year, of which only 40% is recycled, with the majority ending up in our seas), in the coming months, we will install free and fresh water dispensers in all our facilities and offices.


Solidarity and awareness

We look to the future with confidence, ready to continue thriving as a company and positively contributing to society and the environment.

Thanks to everyone who has made this extraordinary journey possible.