Christmas 2021, in the spirit of Innovation

Would you use today a mobile phone with a technology conceived in the 80’s?


Most of solenoid cartridges available in the market today still use an internal design philosophy dated back to 50’s when the system was originated.


Now, Atlantic Fluid Tech has introduced a new design concept for the 2-way, on-off pilot-operated cartridge valve offering:

  • a more compact design: for any given cavity size, Atlantic valves provide a 50% higher nominal flow rating in comparison with competitors’ valves. Therefore an Atlantic size 09 cartridge can be choosen instead of a size 10 to get a 60 l/min flow rating;
  • a lower Pressure Drop compared to competitors’ valves in the same size cavity: specifically if you consider an Atlantic size 08 cartridge flowing 40 l/min, the pressure drop will only be 5 bar instead of 10;
  • this results in a 50% energy saving;
  • high-pressure operation: the employment of non-welded construction and the use of high-strength materials have produced valves that can work at 500 bar with a burst pressure of 1300 bar.


Not to mention the new built-in O-ring construction preventing the ingress of weather, the assurance of the lowest leakage levels (less than 5 drops per minute even for the larger sizes of valve) and a 30% longer duration compared to competitors’ valves, thanks to the employment of special high-resistance materials.


Download our catalogue here below to get more details and ……..come on, it’s time to buy a new mobile phone.


You can download "SolenoidCartridges__WEB.pdf" directly